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Get Involved

Prayer Ministry

Do you want to know where God is working? Do you want to be an important part of God's army?


Then join our fellowship in intercessory prayer. There are various groups throughout the week committed to praying for our ministry, servant leaders, and missionaries. Join us in praying for God's purpose and His heart for those around us locally and globally.

Reach Ministry

REACH stands for Reaching Everyone And Changing Hearts.


REACH is an outreach program with servants that are passionate about reaching the whole needs of the homeless and hopeless in the East part of London by the transforming love of Christ. We have a short service and meal every Sunday Evening at 6:00pm at Manor Park Methodist Church.

International Bible Institute

International Bible Institute is a ministry of Agape Christan Fellowship. It is a Church-based Bible school design to equip and encourage believers into ministry.


Our Experience has shown Bible School training is best done in the local church because of the relationship between the pastor and the students. The local church body gives the student the opportunity for practical ministry experience while in the process of learning. Because of this relational experience students often take on positions of leadership in the church where they were trained.


For more information or to enrol in IBI

Please email us at [email protected]


Worship Ministry


The worship ministry is responsible for leading the time of praise for all Sunday services for the East & West campuses and other ministry events and gatherings. The team members rotate in leading each weekend. This ministry requires membership at Agape, baptism, commitment to practice, and a heart of worship.

Media Ministry

A wonderful opportunity to leverage your creativity and artistic ability for the kingdom of God. Video presentations, editing, videography, lighting, digital effects, audio mixing...These are just some of the tools that will be explored and used to enhance our worship service and other special events. The ministry is involved in camera operation, computer graphics changes and playback with the band, sound booth functions and audio set-up and mix recording. Training is available to anyone who wants to join in on one of the video, lighting, and audio related areas are welcome! If you're interested in graphic designs, editing, web design, photography, fine arts or any form of arts and creativity, contact us!


Children's Ministry


Childrens Ministry exists to lay the foundation for building children's faith and character in Jesus Christ. Using relevant mediums of music, drama, media, and fun seasonal events, we encourage families to have a spiritual life together. Our Sunday School teachers are expected to take care of these young children by helping them worship, supporting their creativity, and showing them the love of Jesus Christ


Lifestyle Student Ministry

L – Love God with all of your heart, soul and mind.
I – Integrity in life, relationships and ministry
F – Faithful to the call of God
E – Exalt God through true worship
S – Serve God and man
T – Trust God in all things
Y – Yield to the Holy Spirit
L – Live and Love the Word of God
E – Engage in prayer and intercession



Our Commitment to You:

Love: We will accept and love you right where you are, despite of what has happened to you or where you are from.
We will encourage you the best way we know but we will also address you if you are slipping away.


Serve: We will strive to serve you to the best of our ability. Our purpose is to serve you so you may learn to serve others.


Protect: We promise to protect and watch over you. As leaders, you are exposed to tremendous attacks.
We will pray over you daily and commit you to the Lord.


Train: We are committed to training you in the use of the unique spiritual and motivational gifts that God has given us.

We want to see you reach your full potential by developing your character to fulfill the work of God.


Visit our website: www.lifestylesm.agapelondon.com

Ushering Ministry



Welcome new people to the community of Agape Chrisitian Fellowship. We provide guests and members with general information about Agape. It's a wonderful opportunity to speak and minister to people who want to join the community of Agape and connect with God. You may have the opportunity to greet guests and members every Sunday and provide them with a wonderful Sunday Experience. We also have the priviledge of serving communion during the Sunday services.


Many More Ministries

Agape Christian Fellowship has several ministries designed to encourage and equip everyone. Whether it be worship and technical arts, youth and childrens ministry, prayer or hospitality ministry, we have a ministry designed for you.

Many new and dynamic ministries have been and continue to be created to help minister to individuals and families. But in the midst of all this exciting activities, we recognize that church health is more important than numerical growth and church programs. At Agape, we recognize that God has a specific plan and purpose for each person's life. The broad scope and variety of ministries at Agape are simply a reflection of our heart to help people of all economic, social and ethnic backgrounds in London and around the world!


Please contact us to find out more about getting involved.

Email: [email protected]